t a e : 2011.06.01
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photo by t a e , SX-70

第15回 TOKYO POLAROIDS 展 「 音_其ノ三 」
teruyuki nobuchika “mou


delightful shot (and glad you are back guys!)

Sorry to have kept you waiting, Nicoletta. ;P
But we never fail to come back no matter what for these web exhibitions every three months. (Somehow we have a ridiculously strict rule for this! lol)

  • posted by t a e
  • 2011.06.04 11:37:51

OK, I forgive you! hahahaha :P
how is life in Japan lately?

Haha! Thanx. ;)
I guess we’re gradually recovering from the initial shock, although there are still some serious issues and situations. It’s said that we’re not going to have enough electricity for air conditioning to get through the summer, so I’m horrified about that!

  • posted by t a e
  • 2011.06.04 19:50:01

oh no, I guess that it would be very difficult! summers in NY are very humid and without AC it would be tough! Good luck! People here are still organizing fund raising for Japan, hopefully you’ll get better soon!

Tokyo is really humid, too. Ugh…
We are very very grateful for the support of everyone around the world, thank you. :)

  • posted by t a e
  • 2011.06.07 23:59:49

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